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    We are a nonprofit inspiring young people to consider not just what they can or cannot do, but what they ought to do.

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    to produce multimedia programs and services that cultivate youth integrity and ethical behavior in sports and life.

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The Even Field Approach

Helping Children Become Ethical Thinkers, Who Value Integrity, and Care About Others

New Mindset
Children often face situations that aren’t covered by rules. We will help them develop an ethical framework for making decisions. A reasoning process based on positive core values leads to responsible, principled choices.
Modern Solutions
We adapt as technology offers new ways to communicate ideas. Our programs will use the interactive multimedia best suited to connect ethics and positive core behaviors with children, and the adults in their lives.
Teachable Moments
Our programs will help kids practice using positive core values and ethical reasoning to resolve conflicts. We will create opportunities for adults to facilitate this learning in different settings, while keeping activities fun.
Peer-to-Peer Influence
We will use positive peer influence to promote behaviors based on core values such as respect, responsibility, fairness, compassion, and integrity. This will help raise the expectation for those behaviors within peer groups.

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