To cultivate integrity in sports and life by teaching the next generation that The Way You Win Matters™. We share experiences from sports that show young people and adults why character and integrity are vital to achievement in sports, business, and life.
We present forums, speakers, and videos to young athletes and adults to promote integrity, and improve the culture of youth sports.
We utilize mentoring, role-modeling, and positive peer influence through real-life experiences in sports, to engage people on issues involving character, integrity and core values.
Student to Student. Coach to Coach. Parent to Parent.
When character and integrity are emphasized in youth sports, athletes are more likely to develop positive qualities and values that will help them on and off the field.


These lessons that you’re teaching about teamwork, about dedication, about how you play on the field and how that translates to your home life, those are lessons that transform a community… To me, that’s the long-term impact you’re having… we can transform our entire society and what it truly means to win.
Dominic Copeland, Coach/VP, Beverly (MA) Youth Football
I found Chuck’s message to be profound and especially relevant in today’s youth sports culture…Having coached at different levels from youth sports through college, I would highly recommend bringing Even Field in to speak with your players, coaches, and parents.
Billy Sittig, Recreation Program Manager, Boston (MA) Parks and Recreation Department
Chuck Wilson and the Even Field program are putting the emphasis back where it should be, on building character in young athletes.
Chris Capezzuto, Heads Up Football® Master Trainer & Head Football Coach Roosevelt H.S., Yonkers, N.Y.
Chuck Wilson and Even Field represent the very best in the quest to improve the youth sports experience for young people….(We) greatly respect the tremendous work that he has begun.
Phil Ricci, Administrator, Catholic Athletic League (RI)

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