Ban Ephedrine

I’m Chuck Wilson with an ESPN Radio Extra Point.

Just what does it take for Major League Baseball and the Players Association to agree to ban products containing Ephedrine?

For years, experts in the field have warned about the dangers of the stimulant.

The NCAA, the IOC and the NFL have banned the substance.

Now, it is time for baseball to do the same.

And it’s up to the Players Association to take the lead.

Forget the privacy argument, forget the contention that this is a matter for collective bargaining or that these nutritional supplements are legal and not directly performance-enhancing.

This is a matter of protecting the health of players.

The multi-billion dollar food supplements industry has lobbied hard to keep Congress from acting to end over-the-counter sales of products containing Ephedrine.

So baseball players should act to protect themselves.

I’m not naive.

I know a ban won’t eliminate Ephedra use by players, but it will help.

Don’t wait for another death to bring the message home.

Ban Ephedrine, and do it now.

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