Baseball, Steroids, and Kids

I’m Chuck Wilson with an ESPN Radio Extra Point.

Steroid use in Major League Baseball has become the hot topic this week.

How many players have used the performance-enhancing drugs?

What effect have they had on the game?

Are the home run records now “tainted”?

The fact is the players union has fought testing and baseball hasn’t pushed hard enough to get it, so steroids are being used.

What are kids to think?

That steroids are O.K.?

What about parents?

Will some see steroids as a way to “beat the competition” and give their young athlete an “edge”?

In a world of shortcuts and instant gratification, with little regard for the “long view”, steroids may seem attractive.

Anabolic steroids build muscle mass. They work, but with potentially serious health consequences.

Many High School athletes are using them. So are some non-athletes who just want to improve their physique.

Don’t for a minute assume kids are staying clear from steroids.

Young people think they are invulnerable.

Talk with them about it.

It’s imperative they get the real information about the dangers of steroid use.

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