CAL: Pawtucket, RI

On Saturday, October 4, 2014 Chuck Wilson spoke to coaches of the Catholic Athletic League in Pawtucket, RI.

The CAL program is committed to character education. It partners with the Notre Dame University initiative Play Like a Champion Today. We found the CAL coaches at this session to be open to our The Way You Win Matters™ message.

During the Q&A session of our presentation, we asked the coaches to share with one another ways of conveying values through sports. One of the coaches explained how he presents to his 10 and 11-year old players a quality such as “teamwork” or “fairness”. The value chosen becomes the focus of that week’s practices and games. He said the players look forward to hearing what that week’s character trait will be and players now suggest their own ideas of values that should be focal points in future weeks.

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