Character Helped Define the NCAA Basketball and Hockey Championships

As we witnessed at this year's NCAA Division 1 Basketball and Hockey Championships, one's strength of character is tested with so much at stake.

Were Player Suspensions From Saints Alleged “Bounty Program” Deserved?

The NFL didn’t win popularity contests with this call. Certainly not with the players, who are expressing disbelief with the year-long banishment of Jonathan Vilma.

Many fans also view the punishment as too severe.

But were the penalties for the players the […]

Look For LeBron to Apologize…Soon

He is too smart and accountable to leave us with the post-game image of a poor sport.

So, don’t be surprised when LeBron James reaches out to express his regret for the way he handled his team’s ouster from the 2009 […]

Ban Ephedrine

I’m Chuck Wilson with an ESPN Radio Extra Point.

Just what does it take for Major League Baseball and the Players Association to agree to ban products containing Ephedrine?

For years, experts in the field have warned about the dangers of […]

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I’m Chuck Wilson with an ESPN Radio Extra Point.

In a world where pointing fingers and blaming others has become an art form, kudos go out to Trey Junkin, who came out of retirement for the New York Giants only to […]

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