Coaches and Jobs: Why Not Be More Honest?

Original Post:  January 11, 2013

Last week, Notre Dame Head Coach Brian Kelly described his current position as “the best job in the country —- NFL, college, high school, whatever”.

Then, he interviewed with the NFL’s Philadelphia Eagles about their vacant head coaching job.

Kelly isn’t the first coach to do this. He won’t be the last.

But, I have never understood why they say one thing, and do another. Sadly, it has become almost commonplace for coaches to make such definitive statements, and then leave.


If you truly believe what you said, why would you entertain a possible job offer? Especially since going on such interviews can adversely impact your present school?

It’s just so disingenuous.

And saying that you “owe it to yourself and your family to listen to other opportunities” doesn’t change that.

If you are interested in exploring other coaching positions, fine. Then, don’t make the statement that you already have the best job in the country.

It makes you look foolish. And worse, it’s not honorable. It erodes the confidence, belief, and trust that people place in you.

Your word should mean something.

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