I’m Chuck Wilson with an ESPN Radio Extra Point.

The NCAA Infractions Committee has placed Colorado’s football team on two years’ probation for recruiting violations.

The football program was accused of 53-violations, 51 of them when Rick Neuheisel was Colorado’s head coach.

The Committee ruled that “This was a serious case in which a football coaching staff, led by the former football coach, in a calculated attempt to gain a recruiting advantage, pushed beyond the permissible bounds of legislation, resulting in a pattern of recruiting violations.”

Colorado was punished for not properly monitoring its football staff.


But what about Neuheisel?

He is now head coach at Washington.

His punishment?

He’s barred from off-campus recruiting until May 31st.

That’s it.

The coach commits the infractions, leaves the school, and the school suffers a more severe punishment than the coach who is most responsible for the violations.

That’s not right.

If you want to keep coaches from breaking rules, make them more personally accountable.

Suspend them.


Chuck Wilson

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Chuck Wilson