George O’Leary’s Resume

I’m Chuck Wilson with an ESPN Radio Extra Point,

How much worse can it get for the Notre Dame football program? The hiring and quick resignation of George O’Leary because of inaccuracies in his academic and athletic resume have left those close to the program stunned and those on the outside shaking their heads.

It was once the dream of young football players to play at Notre Dame. The history, the tradition…Every week on TV. The Notre Dame Highlights with Lindsay Nelson’s “We now move to further action in the same series of plays” There was an aura about the program.

Today, it’s different.

Notre Dame is still on TV each Saturday, but its special place in College Football has faded as mediocre play on the field has replaced Championship-level success.

Over the last 20-years, Gerry Faust has been the coach most identified as falling short of the school’s winning tradition. But through it all, Gerry Faust represented Notre Dame with honor and integrity.

Without coaching a game, George O’Leary has failed more than Gerry Faust ever did.

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