Jim Harrick and Integrity

I’m Chuck Wilson with an ESPN Radio Extra Point.

Here’s a story that may give you some insight into Georgia basketball coach Jim Harrick.

At the 1997 NCAA Final Four, Harrick was a guest on ESPN Radio. It was just two years after he had led the UCLA Bruins to a National Championship and just five months after he was fired by the school.

UCLA said he was dismissed for falsifying an expense report, then repeatedly lying about it and asking others to lie about it too. Harrick admitted to a lapse in judgment but said he didn’t deserve to be fired.

“But Jim”, I said, ‘If I lie to my boss, I’m going to be fired’.

He responded, “What if your ratings were good”.

Sadly, Jim Harrick is not alone.

Many view success ahead of accountability.

I’m convinced Pete Rose would pass a lie detector saying he has never done anything to hurt baseball.

So what if he bet on the game, he’s the all-time hit king.

Jim Harrick felt a National Championship should have insulated him from being fired.

After all, what’s more important, honesty, integrity and character…or winning?

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