Jim Harrick’s Resignation

I’m Chuck Wilson with an ESPN Radio Extra Point.

When Jim Harrick resigned Thursday as University of Georgia basketball coach, he termed it a “retirement”.

Perhaps he meant it, perhaps not.

But what if he wanted to coach college basketball again? Would a school hire him?

ESPN Colleague Linda Cohn says “yes” and she’s not alone.

Many believe there always would be a college so desperate to win that a coaches’ on-court success would outweigh everything else.

I disagree.

The direct involvement of the school president in the hiring of Jim Harrick at Georgia has sent a message no administrator will miss, and the message is clear: don’t hire a coach with a history of ethical misconduct.

If you do, and the deal goes bad, it won’t just be the athletic director on the hot seat.

It’s all a matter of risk and reward, and the ugliness of the Harrick episode has increased the risk factor for all who follow.

The next college president who makes such a hiring mistake won’t keep his job.

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