NBA Players Showing Respect

I’m Chuck Wilson with an ESPN Radio Extra Point.

Too often we see professional athletes who act as if the sport they play owes them everything, players who have little regard for those who came before them.

So, when we see a standout performer like Tracy McGrady make a personal gesture that shows an appreciation for the history of the game, we should stand and applaud.

T-Mac is one of the NBA’s most popular players. He has been voted to the starting line-up in next weekend’s All-Star Game. But, as a sign of respect for one of the games’ greats, he wanted to give up his starting spot to Michael Jordan in MJ’s 14th and final All-Star appearance. Tim Hardaway had done it to honor Magic Johnson in 1992, as Doug Collins had done for John Havlicek in 1978.

Last night, Michael Jordan turned down the offer, but clearly appreciated the respect being shown. And he added that a week and a half ago, Allen Iverson told him he’d like to step aside and let Michael start.

So let’s send some well deserved praise to T-Mac and AI.

Both have some great moves on the court, and in this case, showed terrific moves off it, as well.

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