Pete Rose Reinstatement

I’m Chuck Wilson with an ESPN Radio Extra Point.

Major League Baseball denies the report, so does Pete Rose’s business agent.

Let’s hope both sides are telling the truth.

The Baseball Prospectus claims that Pete Rose has signed a deal with Major League Baseball that will remove Rose from baseball’s permanently ineligible list without his having to admit to any wrong-doing.

Such an agreement would be a joke and I can’t believe Commissioner Selig would have any part in it.

Pete Rose doesn’t get it and never has.

The evidence is clear he bet on baseball and clear that he bet on his own team, yet Pete probably would pass a lie detector test saying he’s never done anything to hurt baseball.

Society may not view gambling as evil but baseball must.

The ban is strict for a reason.

The sports’ integrity can not be brought into question.

We must believe the game is being decided on the field free of outside influence.

Pete Rose should never manage again and his name should not come off the ineligible list until he makes a full disclosure of his baseball gambling and finally comes to understand that his actions damaged the credibility of the sport he loves.

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