Poor Sportsmanship

I’m Chuck Wilson with an ESPN Radio Extra Point,

Poor behavior and poor sportsmanship…it’s on the basketball court and in the stands. And too many colleges and universities aren’t dealing with it. It’s an “In Your Face” mentality that needs to be changed.

Coaches: reign in your players’ “look at me” approach. Giving them the “freedom to express their personality and individuality” is nothing more than allowing them to show off. This is, after all, a “team” sport.

Officials: Take a stronger stance against all forms of taunting. Crack down on the trash talking, finger pointing and gesturing that demeans opponents and antagonizes fans.

Athletic Directors: send the message to your athletes, student body, and fans that taunting, foul language and other poor behavior simply will not be tolerated. Then back it up.

And College Presidents: It all starts with you. You set the tone. Are you embarrassed by some of the behavior you’re seeing… uncomfortable with seeing close-ups of your coaches “cursing” officials…want to see your athletic events serve as a positive reflection on your school?


Then take a stand.

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