Football For YOU

Even Field founder Chuck Wilson is a featured speaker at the Football For YOU clinics for young athletes held by the New England Patriots Alumni Club throughout New England during the spring and summer.

Through this nonprofit partnership, we interact with children, parents, and coaches, to promote sportsmanship and discuss ways we can improve the youth sports culture.

Change Needed

3 out of 4 young athletes quit playing team sports by age 14. They give three primary reasons:

  • They aren’t having enough fun.
  • They feel too much pressure to perform.
  • They aren’t seeing themselves get better.

Program Details

Named one of the Top 100 Most Influential Sports Educators in America, Chuck Wilson talks with parents and coaches about ways we can create a more positive youth sports culture that will encourage kids to keep playing team sports.

Wilson’s 15-minute interaction with parents and coaches presents Even Field’s The Way You Win Matters message and makes the case that the focus with young athletes should be on having fun, developing skills, and competing fairly and responsibly, rather than doing “whatever it takes” to win.
After the presentation, Chuck interacts with parents and coaches through a Q & A session. They discuss challenging situations that arise in youth sports and how to help young athletes work through the challenges they face in sports and life.
Chuck ends the clinic by interviewing a former Patriot in front of the entire camp and parents. The former NFL players share stories from their playing days and describe challenges they’ve faced and life lessons learned along the way. Sharing experiences and offering advice to young athletes is effective in helping those in attendance consider the role of character in their lives.


  • Make character and integrity the priority in youth sports. Youth sports is more about life lessons, than just game scores.
  • Improving the youth sports experience for our kids will keep more of them physically active, learning social skills and core values that will help them achieve in life.
  • The Way You Win Matters The way you compete, reach goals, interact with people, and do everything else in life shows others if you are a person of character who can be trusted.
  • We can’t determine outcomes, but we alone control intangible qualities of character, leadership, and integrity that help us achieve on and off the field.
  • Modeling and reinforcing behaviors that are values-based, rather than outcome-based, helps young people learn to make responsible choices in life.

We all want our kids to be physically active and have the opportunity to learn the life lessons that many of us remember from our team sports experience. Let’s work together to improve the youth sports culture in your community, get in touch to find out how.