Peer Into Character Forums

Even Field’s Peer into Character® Forums utilize the impact of celebrity, the power of positive peer influence and the captivating nature of stories connected to sports. They feature personal stories, life lessons, and observations from athletes, coaches, and others involved in sports at all levels.

Even Field Founder and award-winning interviewer Chuck Wilson hosts these forums, talking with his guests about conflicts and dilemmas they have encountered, life lessons they’ve learned, and the people, events, and core beliefs that have inspired them along the way.

These educational and empowering forums are conducted on college campuses, at K-12 schools, and in other settings. They often include video and are intended to be interactive, engaging members of the audience in discussion of issues involving character, integrity, and core values.

We match our presenters, and their real-life experiences, with the specific forum group being addressed, in order to present content that will connect with audiences at a peer-level. If children are the primary audience, we may have a guest of similar age or we may take guests back to their childhood to describe experiences that will relate to the younger audience. Peer-relatable and relevant story content also is employed when talking to college students, parent groups, or youth coaches. Our model employs mentoring, role-modeling, and positive peer influence to interact with our audiences.

The forums reinforce our The Way You Win Matters message. The way you compete, reach goals, and do everything else in life, matters.

Peer Into Character Forums, Seminars, and Conferences are available online, through Even Field’s YouTube channel, for an additional cost. Our professional, multi-camera video recording requires advance notice. Please inquire, if interested.

Let’s inspire and empower the next generation to develop values-based thinking that will help them form healthy relationships and embrace positive character traits that will improve their lives.

To find out how to bring Even Field’s Peer into Character Forums to your school, get in touch.