Even Field’s Peer Into Character® conversations

Even Field’s Peer Into Character podcasts and videos feature insight and perspective on character and leadership in sports and life.

Professional and amateur athletes, coaches, educators, and others join Chuck Wilson to share personal stories and observations. They describe the people and impactful moments that have shaped their character and the habits, skills, and principles that lead to excellence on and off the field.

About Chuck Wilson

  • Founder and executive director of Even Field
  • Former award-winning ESPN Radio host, interviewer, and commentator
  • Named one of the "100 Most Influential Sports Educators in America"
  • Runner-up for “Best National Sports Radio Host of the Decade” (2000-09)



“You’re reaching parents. The kids aren’t the hardest parties to reach. It’s the parents...It’s educating parents and youth coaches on ways they can help kids learn character skills - how to lead, how to communicate better, and hustle better...Parents have to start looking at sports for young people as being a great way to teach lessons that they can’t learn in a classroom... Character is a big part of that.”

Steve Grogan:  former New England Patriots quarterback

Our purpose is to inspire young people to make caring, principled choices in sports and life and to continually strive to be their best in everything they do.

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“Even Field’s message to all parents and families is important. It’s about putting the kids first, and developing the whole person, not just the athlete.”

Kate Hernandez:  swimming & diving official, sports parent