Peer Into Character Videos

Even Field’s Peer Into Character® videos present stories, observations, and life lessons from professional and amateur athletes, coaches, students, and others involved in sports at all levels. The experiences they share may be inspirational, compelling, instructive, and/or insightful. We use these stories to interact with young people and adults on topics involving character, integrity, and core values. The videos are delivered through our presentations, forums, our YouTube channel, and other multimedia platforms. This video series also features schools, teams, groups, and organizations, showcasing their personal stories involving character. The videos are formatted to present relevant and relateable content that makes a peer-level connection with audiences.

These videos are designed to be an educational teaching tool to:

  • Inspire positive behaviors based on personal integrity
  • Enhance perspective-taking, conflict-resolution, and leadership skills
  • Raise awareness of ethical dilemmas
  • Show strategies for overcoming adversity
  • Promote ethical reasoning
  • Foster empathy and a sense of duty beyond self-interest
  • Inspire role-modeling that promotes positive peer group behaviors

We incorporate our video content into our other programs through relationships we form with schools, youth groups, organizations, and with professional and amateur teams, leagues, conferences, and other groups. If you would like to find out how to bring Even Field programs to your community, please get in touch.

Watch Peer Into Character Videos on our YouTube Channel