The Role of Ego in Winning

I’m Chuck Wilson with an ESPN Radio Extra Point.

This week has provided more proof of the critical role “ego” plays in winning.

Too much “individual” ego and team play suffers, but when players take their self-interests and apply them in a team concept, great things happen.

The Detroit Red Wings won the Stanley Cup last night aided by a collection of future Hall-of-Famers who put aside any personal agendas for the sole aim of winning the Cup.

The night before, it was the LA Lakers winning their 3rd straight NBA Championship.

If the immensely talented Kobe Bryant had not learned to sublimate his ego and let the offense run through Shaquille O’Neil, the Lakers would not be winners of 3 in a row.

And it’s not as easy as it sounds.

Kobe Bryant has proven he can take over games. To be willing to let another player, even Shaq, be the main man and earn the Playoff MVP honors 3-straight years, takes maturity.

Give Kobe credit.

And watch the U.S Open this weekend.

Will the golfers play it safe out of the rough and accept the bogies when they should, or let their egos push them into poor percentage shots?

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