University President, It’s Up to You: Mission or Money?

I’m Chuck Wilson with an ESPN Radio Extra Point.

You are the president at the University of Miami, Syracuse or Boston College.

You have spoken often about the ideals of your school, the meaning of student-athlete and how academics come first.

You have said over and over that big money from sports must not influence a university’s mission.

Now you are put to the test.

The ACC wants to expand from nine to twelve schools, for no other reason than to position itself as a super-conference in football.

You have been invited to join.

You know it may mean longer road trips and more class time missed for your student-athletes and the loss of traditional rivalries, but football is the sledgehammer when it comes to leverage with television partners, and you are under great pressure from the board of trustees and school benefactors to do what it takes to position your school for football success.

Alumni contributions are at stake.

It’s up to you to decide…think you’ll pass the test?

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